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Why you need a GPS smartwatch as a cyclist?

If you’re looking for the best smartwatch for cycling, then you’ve come to the right place.

When choosing cycling equipment, you should not only consider the bike itself, but also pay attention to the peripheral devices that can enhance the cycling experience. As a multi-functional wearable device, a smartwatch has unique advantages and appeal in cycling compared to a traditional bike computer. In the following aspects, we will elaborate on why you should choose a smartwatch for cycling instead of just one of the best bike computers.

Multi-sport all-around companion

The design concept of the smartwatch is not only limited to cycling, it is more like an all-around partner for multiple sports. In addition to cycling, it can also record running, swimming, fitness and other sports data to meet diversified sports needs. For those who are keen on multi-sport, a smartwatch can cover a variety of sports modes and make your fitness program more colorful.

Portability and Fashion

A smartwatch offers greater portability than a bicycle computer. It is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear on your wrist without the need for additional mounting on your bike. This allows you to use it not only for cycling but also to wear it in your daily life. Whether you are on the sports ground or in the office, the smartwatch can always provide you with sports data and notifications, showing a different kind of fashion charm.

Multi-functional sports data analysis

The smartwatch not only records cycling data, but also uploads this data to the mobile app for in-depth analysis and management. You can track riding distance, speed, heart rate, calories burned and many other key data. The recording and analysis of these data not only helps to assess your own riding performance, but also provides strong support for adjusting your training plan and goals.

Real-time navigation and safety

The built-in GPS positioning function of the smartwatch makes it an excellent navigation tool. During a ride, you can check your navigation route in real time without having to take out your cell phone. This not only makes riding more convenient, but also improves the safety of riding. In addition, some smartwatches are equipped with an emergency call function, which can send a distress signal in case of emergency and protect your riding safety.

“Users from the cycling community have commented that our smartwatch not only provides accurate navigation during their rides, but also makes them more aware of their health.’ It’s my right-hand man on my rides, can’t live without it anymore!’ This is the real feedback from one of the users.”

MASX Oasis X GPS Smartwatch


Assisted GPS for fast fix times.

Movement: Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer.

Health: Wrist Heart Rate Monitor, Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor .

Connection: BLE 5.2

Battery Capacity: 400 mAh Li-pol battery.

Standby time in power-save modes: Up to 30 days

Training time in power-save modes: Up to 15 days

Training time with full GPS and HR tracking enabled: Up to 84 hours

Coutinuous Voice Calling: Up to 545 mins

Charging Method: Magnetic Charging

Theoretical Charging Du ration: Approx. 1.5 hours

The combination of cycling and GPS smartwatch allows for a perfect balance between technology and nature. With the watch’s navigation, data logging and health monitoring functions, cyclists can better plan, enjoy and protect their cycling experience. Whether you are in pursuit of health or adventure, this combination can fulfill your needs and make your cycling trip more exciting and memorable. Let’s put on the GPS smartwatch and drive the bike, traversing through technology and nature, enjoying a healthy and happy journey.

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