MASX – Smart Watch

MASX H31 Smart Watch

Model Name:MASX H31
Screen:1.91-inch high definitionColorful large screen
Display Resolution: 240(RGB)*296
Materials:Zinc alloy+liquid silicone
Weight: 60 g with wristband
380mAh battery life: Up to 25 days
Water Resistant: IP68 waterproof

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Military Grade Toughness: The octagonal design breaks the convention, and the watchring and left and right decorative parts are made of zinc alloymaterial The three prevention process builds a strong bodywith high hardness, resistance to impact and wear, and nofear of collision.This means that it is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor workers, and anyone who needs a tough and reliable smartwatch.

100 Sports Modes: It supports more than 100 exercise modes such as running,cycling, swimming, mountaineering, hiking, rowing, basketballphysiological dataplaying, etc., and can record exercise andeeds of differentthroughout the entire process to meetsports.

24 Hours Health Monitor: The MASX H31 smart watch also features real-time health monitoring, including heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep tracking. Low consumption optical chips are used to measure heartrates continuously. This feature allows you to monitor your health and fitness goals and make adjustments to your routine as needed.

Bluetooth Call and Message Notification: You can answer or make calls, view text messages, and receive app notifications directly on your wrist. This feature is particularly useful for people who want to stay connected while they’re on the go, whether they’re running errands, working out, or traveling.

Ultra-long enduranceaccompanying: It has 350mAh ultra-big battery, and with the support of systemlevel hardware, you can achieve ultra-long endurance for 25days so that it can accompany you to keep pace with the time.

Large FHD Screen: MASX H31 smartwatch features a 1.91″ Full HD large screen that displays your activities, messages, and calls with clear and vivid visuals. The screen is protected by scratch-resistant glass for durability.

Sport Modes

System: Walking, running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, Hiking, strength training, basketball, badminton, elliptical machine, table tennis, yoga, skipping rope, tennis, baseball, rugby, cricket, lazy car, exercise bike.
FitCloudPro APP Push: Soccer, treadmill, free training, aerobics, indoor walking, indoor cycling, dance, sit-ups, hula hoops, golf, long jump, volleyball, stepping, horseback riding, field hockey, tai chi, shuttlecock, boxing, outdoor walking, cross-country running, skiing, gymnastics, ice hockey, taekwondo, maximal oxygen uptake, walker, hiking, track and field, waist and abdominal training, karate, finishing and relaxation, cross-training Pilates, crossfit, functional training, physical training, archery, flexibility, mixed aerobics, Latin dance, street dance, free sparring, ballet, Australian soccer, martial arts, stair climbing, handball, bowling, squash, curling, hunting, snowboarding, recreational sports, American football, hand cycling, fishing, Frisbee, folk dancing, alpine skiing, snow sports, soothing meditation head, core training, ice skating, fitness Games, aerobics, group exercise, combat gymnastics, lacrosse, foam axle shoulder, wrestling, fencing, softball, singles, bars, roller skating, darts, pikeball, HIIT, shooting, jiu-jitsu, skateboarding, balance bike, roller skating, parkour, pull-ups, push-ups, planks, rock climbing, high jump, bungee jumping, marathon.

Watch Faces

APP Sync: 100+
System Default: 3
Always-on Displays: 3
Customize Watch Faces: Support

Support Language

System: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew,Dutch,Greek.

FitCloudPro APP: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Romanian, Mongolian, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, Japanese.

Message Push APP: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Romanian, Mongolian, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, Japanese.


Smartphone Compatability: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above.

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